Commercial Auto Insurance

For most small business owners finding the Commercial Auto Insurance coverage to fit your needs can be difficult. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the solutions that are best for you.

Whether your employees use their own vehicles to run errands or you have a full fleet of vehicles Contractors Connection has the solutions to keep you on the road and your business moving forward.

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Commercial Auto Insurance Highlights:

Commercial Auto Insurance will protect you differently than your personal auto policy. To protect your company you must have a separate policy for your business vehicles. Contractors Connection can build a complete auto insurance policy that will include:

  • Personal Injury – This covers the medical benefits and even death benefits of an injured person if you or your employees are responsible.
  • Property Damage – This covers if you or an employee causes damage to property.
  • Collision – This will cover your company if one of your vehicles hits or is hit by another vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This will cover your company for financial loss other than the collision.
  • Uninsured / Underinsured – This will cover your company if the other person in the accident doesn’t have adequate coverage.
  • Medical Benefits – This will pay for the medical costs resulting in an accident.
  • Hired Auto Coverage – Vehicles that you lease or borrow.
  • Non-Owned Auto – You are covered if your employees are using their own vehicles for company use.

How To Lower Your Business Auto Cost:

You can lower the premiums on your Commercial Auto Insurance by doing a few simple things:

  1. The location of your business – The area in which your business is located can have an effect on your premiums based on the crime rate.
  2. Driving Records – The driving records of your employees can greatly affect the cost of your insurance. Make sure to only hire employees with good driving records.
  3. Vehicle Types – This works a lot like your personal insurance. There are safer and dependable vehicles and others not.
  4. Higher Deductible – By raising your deductibles you have the ability to lower your monthly premiums. Make sure you do not raise your deductible higher than you are financially comfortable with.
  5. Security Devices – Security and safety devices on a vehicle can greatly reduce your premiums.